Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I collect what I like to call elevator suitable conversation topics. These are topics and questions that you could be discussing in an elevator and not have to stop if your boss entered. Condiments is a fabulous one.

On my island I would take:
1) A1 - I may get some flak for this. I stand by it. I can eat it on lots and lots of stuff. including carrots. I anticipate a lot of carrots on my island.

2) Balsamic Vinegar (at least 5 year aged)- in an odd trend, I also choose balsamic, and I am consciously picking the oldest sweetest vinegar, not a vinaigrette. I like plain balsamic vinegar on salad greens (which will likely be plentiful on the island - growing next to the carrots). I haven't tried it, but I expect it will be a delightful marinade for lemur meat.

3) mayonnaise - versatile, tasty - don't ask me how I am going to keep it on a deserted island.

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