Monday, April 7, 2008

clothing (II)

I'm expecting to be quite naked on this island of ours. So, get ready people. When things get warm, I have a hard time keeping my clothes on (anyone attending my birthday party can attest to this). Also, I'm going to assume that we're in a tropical environment, and not the Aleutian Islands. This sort of makes my 3 entries less emotional for me. I have more of an attachment to my fall/winter clothing. Anyways, my list:

1. My Watertown: Home of the Beautiful People tshirt. I am not from Watertown, and there are no beautiful people there. No matter. It's gotten a bit snug, but its boldness makes me feel good inside.

2. My blue lo-top Converse All-Stars. I just got these a couple weeks ago, and they've already surpassed my beloved Pumas (the 1st pair) in shoe hierarchy. I would pick my Puma flip-flops, but if we're traipsing through the jungle, or on the run from strange tropical polar bears, I could regret that.

3. My yellow Abercrombie swim trunks. I've had these for a long, long time. They still have a blood stain on them from when I blacked out while going up for a dunk, causing my hands to slip off the rim, turning me in the air, and landing on my chin, leading to 7 stitches and a concussion. The good old days.

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wb said...

Fix your tags Tommy. You're going to ruin everything.