Sunday, April 13, 2008


Finally a topic I can look forward to. Whoever thought of putting this as the next topic is a great person. Wait, I'm pretty sure that was me.

-The Natalie Portman. We've got so much in common already. I have a feeling that
once we get to the island, we won't even want to leave. We're both vegetarians. We nearly share the same birth date (June 8th, 1981, vs. June 9th, 1981). We both have dark hair, eyes. We're both involved with film. We'll both be in New York next year. We both have eclectic musical tastes. And we both have great legs.

-Rosario Dawson. Is of Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Irish descent (among others), so she has island experience. Also, growing up she had aspirations of being a marine biologist, giving her a substantial advantage when it comes to the marine life we should or should not eat. I also think that because her and Natalie are both pretty liberal and educated, they'd get along when I'm with Zhang. My island would be extremely harmonious.

-Zhang Ziyi. Utilizing her amazing athletic skills, she could be used to lure boars out of the jungle. Rosario, Natalie and I would be waiting on the beach with spears and a net. Plus, if you've seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, you'd know she's good with swords. This girl can handle her own. She would never be in real danger. I wouldn't let that happen to my little Chinese princess. Plus she could teach us all Chinese in our downtime. Not only would the island experience be very hot, it would also be educational. Which is nice.


Alex said...

Interested in some delicious wild boar? I thought you were a vegetarian?

Alex said...
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tommy said...

i'm thinking that Natalie and I will have to convert back.