Monday, April 28, 2008

Sexy love

For some reason I thought I would need to put a lot of thought into this one. Then I realized that I don't.

These are my lucky three...

Nicholas Lemons, model. Every time I see that face/body I want to die. I would definitely love him the most on my island – he’s my number one.

Adam Brody. I saw him in LA a few years ago – we made eye contact and I almost threw up. I just want to smoosh his face and laugh at his jokes. Not only would Adam and I be lovahs, we would be BFF.

Ryan Phillippe. Have you seen Cruel Intentions? I would make Ryan be the Sebastian on my island, just to spice things up. Also, I know Ryan’s a good dad and that’s important to me. So if I pop one out - no matter who the baby daddy is - I know Ryan would step it up and be the father of our awkward family.


DarcyM said...
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DarcyM said...

good picks fuzz. I heart adam brody.

loud said...

I hope your island is in swimming distance of my island...or at least viewing distance.