Thursday, April 10, 2008


Sorry for being late to the party, I've been doing a fair amount of travel recently. I figured I'd start from the beginning, and make my way up. So, without further adieu, here are the three condiments I would bring on the desert island.

1. Texas Pete's Hot Sauce: Not actually all that hot, but very flavorful. I was introduced to this condimentary jem by one of my college freshman suitemates from Fort Myers, Florida, who would take a bottle similar to the one in the picture to the dining hall with him. It goes great on just about any protein-based food that one can think of, and ridiculously well on pizza. So well in fact, that I may have to look into constructing a solar-powered pizza oven for the island.

2. Ginger Mustard: I love mustard, and I love ginger. This is a match made in heaven! Though I've had this particular concoction on chicken and pork only, it is supposed to go great with fish, especially if you make some salmon-burgers. I suspect that there will be a high degree of pescatory consumption, as well as some possible wild board hunting, so seems like a good bet.

3. Thai Fish Sauce: Man I got into this stuff when I was in Southeast Asia! At first, it's too damn salty. Then, it's too damn spicy. A few experimentations later, and there isn't a single dish that it doesn't enhance. I can't think of much, aside from sweets and dairy that the fish sauce wouldn't work for: rice, noodles, all sorts of meat, even eggs. What a miracle. You just might not want to smell it when you're applying it.


wb said...

Awesome choices. I really hope I figure out how to ferment my own fish sauce on my island. I envision this happening in small batches inside empty coconuts. Perhaps I will even market my artisanal fish sauce to neighboring islands for a modest profit.

DarcyM said...

i am glad we have another lover of raye's mustard on the island. I also chose the ginger brown after many restless nights deciding between that and the dundicott hot.