Tuesday, April 8, 2008

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service

It's hard for me to think about this question. There's a lot of stuff in my closet; making me choose is like making a parent pick there favorite child. Except I'm still not sure if I'm going to love my children or not, so this might be harder for me. Also, as others have mentioned, Spring and Fall are great seasons to get dressed in.

1. I've already planned other aspects of my island around a thriving beach volleyball scene (e.g. Gabrielle Reese will be there; see future post) so a solid pair of board shorts will be necessary. Gabrielle will of course be playing in a regulation beach volleyball uniform. I like this pair that I got last summer, but I could probably settle for a pair that I had had to rip off of one of the people who didn't make it through the crash that left me stuck on this island in the first place.

2. My blue MAC Machine shirt. This has become a fixture in my wardrobe since acquiring it at the V.O.A. in Rochester. It's perfect for an afternoon in the sun, is my go to morning-after shirt, has been with me to various exotic locales including California, Portugal, England, the Jersey Shore, Madeline Island, the croquet grounds of Wellsboro PA, Mardis Gras in St. Louis, Wegmans, and has accompanied me on more than a few rows.

3. I've been trying to forgo footwear but I don't think I can do it. I have pretty sturdy feet, but I don't think I'll be able to do the amount of rock climbing I intend to without something to cover my soles. Not boots though, too heavy, and not sandals, not rock climbing worthy, but I think a versatile pair of sneakers. Luckily I have a few of these to choose from. After some consideration I think I would bring my yellow waffle racers. They've got some good traction nubs, are pretty light, and will make me look sexy for Gabrielle. Also, I suspect they will be useful while exploring the coral reef. Maybe even helping me blend into reef life while I am waiting to spear dinner.

For a while I was concerned about my lack of clothes to exercise in. Namely a pair of tighty-whities, or maybe a JL trou, so I could go for a run now and then. Joanna seems to plan on subsisting mostly on her spices and condiments but I expect to be eating a lot of wild boar out there. Spit-roasted, pit roasted, smoke cured, salt cured, barbequed, there're so many options. I'll need to work some of that delicious pork fat off some how. That's where the beach volleyball and rock climbing come in. Maybe I'll even befriend a sea turtle who'll let me use his shell for surfing. Anyway, I've decided I won't be going on any long runs.

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