Tuesday, April 8, 2008


First off: Whitney, the intensity you bring to this island! You’ve already become our Jack. Second: I’m totally sneaking in late; I hope I’m not punished for this.

Like Tommy, I’d probably spend most of my time naked. I hate tan lines. But if I had to choose three articles of clothing, I’d go with:

1) My green scarf that everyone hates but me. It could be converted into pretty much anything including: mini hammock, security blanket, dress, awkward swimming suit, or one of those sarong baby carriers in case one of us ladies pops one out.

2) Red bikini. It’s hot and comfortable. And it could also serve as my lady undergarments.

3) Considering all my current island-appropriate shoes have holes in them, my third choice would be my American Apparel Deep V-Neck. I would wear it just like this girl (in Athletic Grey). It’s really soft so it would lure you all into my tent to cuddle with me.


wb said...

A mini hammock could be pretty sweet, especially if you make a little monkey friend. Then he could sleep nearby and keep watch for stampeding boar during the night. Of course then your security blanket would smell like monkey, which would suck.

Lucia said...

glad you finally joined us on the island! sure you will love it.

I think after you are on island alone for awhile, monkeys start to smell pretty good. or you start to smell just as bad as the monkeys.