Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beer and Hi!

I sort of feel like a lush showing up and immediately talking about beer. I like beer, but like Jobonga, I'm not too particulars about it. (Does that make me a lush?)
  1. Guinness -- I like a beer that is also a meal. (I see you have no food on this island yet.)
  2. Rogue Dead Guy Ale -- Again, with Jobonga on this one. The Dead Guy is a drunk that creeps up on you, but not in a bad way, more like one that creeps up on you and gives you a big hug.
  3. Blue Moon Belgian White -- Yes, a little pedestrian, but it'll be my weekday beer. Ditto DarcyM on the oranges.
  4. Surly Furious -- For special occasions.
  5. PBR -- I imagine part of island life will involve some Swiss Family Robinson-style manual labor--you know, like splitting bamboo for treetop walkways or installing coconut phones. For that, you need a workingman's beer.

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