Monday, April 7, 2008

This doesn't exclude grass skirts or coconut bras.

1. My blue and white striped bikini. Superfluous? Perhaps. But I want to look hot on my island. So far I am subsisting on spices and condiments alone, so I am well on my way. This particular bikini is kind of sporty, so it would also function as a light sports bra. And as a uniform for beach volleyball, which I have a feeling will work its way onto my island.

2. A pair of jeans. And not some crappy pair from The Gap. Good for hiking through tall grasses, shimmying up trees, and just generally living in. Also, I learned how to turn them into a flotation device at summer camp. So that might be handy. (It was hard to choose jeans over pj pants but pockets trump flannel.)

3. My hiking boots. It would suck to wear them without socks, though. Nevermind. I'll take my Puma 5000ms. After four years they're pretty tired, though. I want a new pair.

Obviously, this was hard for me to write because there are no sweaters on my list. You caught me at a weak moment. I love my sweaters, but it's April so my love is at low tide.


wb said...

Speaking of low tide, what are we going to do about Sweater Thursdays this spring? Should we declare a moratorium until the tide comes back in, or just keep going?

DarcyM said...

i personally think you should have to keep going so you can really show how dedicated you are to your sweaters. It is your own fault that you didn't plan your sweater wearing according to temperature/sweater weight.