Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I'm passing on the condiments post because I, too, would choose mustard and hot sauce. The toss-up would be between vinegar and honey, though I think I'd go with honey. I found out earlier this year that I use a lot of it. Or, I could hold out for a bees' nest on my island? For the record, I would miss wasabi very, very much.

So, going with the apparent but unspoken Rule of Three, I would bring the following three spices to my desert island:
  1. Ginger. Probably my all-time favorite spice - goes in everything from beverages to spicy dishes to baked goods. Spicy-sweet perfection. The hero of my morning oatmeal. Plus it's a root, so maybe I could get it to grow in Lucia's garden.
  2. Cumin. I think this spice is what makes it OK for me to be a vegetarian (except when I'm, y'know, eating bacon). It makes beans and eggs taste so rich and earthy and warm and wonderful and hearty that I don't crave meat. I am bringing a hen to the island, too, so I have eggs to put my cumin on.
  3. Salt. Boring, I know, and I really don't eat it that much. But, it's versatile and I feel like it would be useful for preserving some of that wild boar meat and fish I'll be killing.
I almost said pepper, but I'll just use my hot sauce instead.

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wb said...

I have to think about mine some more, but these seem very practical. I approve.