Monday, April 7, 2008


Hi, I'm impatient. If I'm breaching blog etiquette by picking a new thing to pack before everyone has decided on their spices and condiments, please tell me to chill out, and I gladly will. I'm just really into outfitting my island, apparently.

So, clothes. Obviously, I would prefer to have more than three items of clothing during my sojourn on my desert island. So, I'm going to assume that one of two things will be true on my island:
  • Either I am a victim of a plane crash or shipwreck and a bunch of the other people will die, leaving a plethora of cast-off clothing I can scavenge for basic nakedness avoidance, or
  • I will be alone on my island and happily run around naked, except for my must-have items.
Given that, my three must-have clothing items:
  1. Chacos. Hands-down, number one, absolutely must-have item. I put these on yesterday and truly don’t understand why they have ever left my feet. Ever. (Well, besides the hundred inches of snow.) I have worn Chacos hiking, swimming, running, strolling, gardening, rock climbing, sashaying in a skirt. They have been on every trip I've taken in the past seven years, and I've worn them in every imaginable situation and venue. They've even been to the actual Chaco. It was a very meta moment for us. They are the most comfortable, adaptable, easily cleanable shoes I have ever owned. I’ve been in love since October of 2001 when my mom mailed me my first pair in Bolivia, and, sad but true, it has been the longest lasting, most deeply committed relationship of my life. I still have the remnants of my Chaco tan burned into my feet from last summer, and I cannot wait to begin this year's stylish skin damage.
  2. Sarong. Another item of clothing that has gone with me on every trip of my life since they were first acquired in 1998, be it a business trip or a camping trip. Serves as a skirt, bathing suit cover-up, towel, blanket, scarf, makeshift umbrella or tent, whatever. Even if my island is sufficiently tropical, I'll probably want something to cover up with now and again.
  3. A good sports bra. I am not a flat-chested woman. Even if I go au natural on my island, I will be extremely uncomfortable doing any form of exercise or vigorous manual labor without a good sports bra. I'm guessing that building my Swiss Family Robinson-style treehouse and tiger traps will require a good amount of manual labor, so the sports bra is a must-have.

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