Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Condiments (IV)

I enjoy many condiments, maybe not as varied as Whitney, but there are a couple that would bring:

1. Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce. This BBQ sauce goes well as a marinade for chicken or some shrimp, but also is the perfect condiment for fries, chicken fingers, etc. As a St. Louis native, I have some experience with the sauce, so check it out, you won't be disappointed.

2. Raye's mustard, specifically the Ginger Brown. The Dundicott hot was also in the running, but I think this one will really compliment my BBQ sauce. I have visited the Raye's mustard factory in Eastport Maine and obviously have a tee shirt. It was really the highlight of the trip, that and the bat that was hanging out in my room. They stone grind their mustard and it never needs to be refrigerated. It is thus the perfect condiment for a desert island, just in case our generator goes out.

3. I guess I too would have to bring a vinaigrette of some sort, I choose a vinaigrette of my own making. It is a honey: balsamic: olive oil concoction with some shallots thrown in for good measure. It goes well with salads and roasted golden beets.


wb said...

I still have dreams about that vinaigrette.

Alex said...

Woops. I just realized I posted about the same mustard as you in spot #2.

Apologies... It is just soooo good.

wb said...

I'm upset that I've never had this mustard.