Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Off topic

I agree that Whitney is exhibiting Jack-like qualities. Since Lost is about the only TV show I can discuss in conversation with normal people, I felt the need to elevate the following statement from a comment on fuzzy's post to its very own post.

I want to be our island's Hurley. I'm bad at building things and killing things, I get lost really, really easily, and I attract every insect within 50 miles. You probably don't want to set out on any adventures with me or even park your tent next to mine. So, I don't feel that I'll bring many practical skills to the island, with the possible exceptions of campfire cooking skills and rudimentary sewing. However, I am a cruise director extraordinaire, so I feel I could really contribute by designing the group's golf course, discovering the party mobile in the jungle, and coordinating the volleyball tournaments - both the competition brackets and the betting pools. And organizing the food. I excel at organizing food.


tommy said...

if Whitney is Jack and you're Hurley, I want to be Desmond.

who's Alex (not you Rosie)? Please tell me there's a cute brunette with great bone structure on this island? To hell with Penny.

wb said...

1. I like your tagging scheme. I hope there is eventually an entire body of posts tagged with 'sorrywhitney'.

2. This isn't Lost. We're all on our own islands. That's the whole point.

3. I don't watch Lost. I don't even know what you all are talking about.

Lucia said...

sorrywhitney, don't get your boardshorts in a bunch, but you are only angry about this topic as you don't know what Lost is all about. This is a decent show to review on DVD all at once. a la Veronica Mars.