Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beer Me.

David and I were talking about beer tonight on the phone. He's only recently found a bar that will serve him Coors Light by the pitcher out there in the west. Which brought up the fact that some people are anit-Silver Bullet. To which we say, "Fuck You, get on the train". Our top 5 Beers? Coors Light is on those lists. But what about the Desert Island 5? That's a different question, and honestly I thought it would be one that would require some mulling. Not so, this was my easiest list to date. In no particular order, the 5 beers on my island:

1. Spotted Cow: if you've had it, you love it. Sort of light, sort of sweet, sort of creamy, sort of unfiltered, it'll be perfect with that spicy marinated pork I'll be roasting. Hopefully I'll be able to get a keg of it on the island though, since it really is better out of the tap.

2. Coors Light: La Bala de Plata, the Taste of the Rockies. I'll need a refreshing, light beer for all those beach volleyball games. And once we construct a full set of coconut cups, Flip Cup. This is it.

3. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: For those times when you want some hops.

4. Yuengling Porter: Yuengling, America's oldest brewery, is a fixture of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Their Lager is a standard at any bar in the tri-state area, but their porter is the take home treat. Rich and malty with slight chocolaty overtones, I will have it by the fire at night and it will remind me of home.

5. Negra Modelo: Ahhh, a Negra Modelo on the beach, Heidi laying beside me, Gabrielle working on building an oversized sandcastle having finished collecting firewood, and Rihanna hanging out in the palm trees lulling us into snoozledom... I can't wait to get to this island. Corona may be the classic beach beer, but its cousin NM is just so much better. Dark enough to have some complexity, light enough to enjoy on a hot summer's day, and in a funny little bottle. Also, its gold foil wrappers will be instrumental in making the following things: fishing lures, baubles for the girls, and sun reflectors (to start fires).

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Alex said...

Trying to figure out what a bauble was, I looked it up on Wikipedia with interesting results: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bauble.