Monday, March 31, 2008

Condiments (II)

I'm not very big with condiments, especially to the depths of Whitney. I usually eat things plain if I make them myself. If someone makes it for me, I believe in what they did, and leave it alone. I'm not a meddler. I don't meddle.

1. Ketchup. Plain and simple. This goes for burgers and dogs. The lone exception was The Dog House late-night escapades in February, in which I added sauerkraut. But I had been drinking for a long time, and I'm pretty sure we got our orders mixed up. Either that, or I just went ahead and stole Whitney's food.

2. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. I just picked this up over the weekend. And I like. I chose it because I am becoming more and more worried that I will waste away as I begin this vegetarian thing. So I cast a big net, buying a lot of groceries, with the idea that some of them will be pleasing to me, and stave off malnourishment. So far, so good. I've only used it with baby carrots. And I'm still alive.

3. Balsamic Vinegar. I really couldn't think of anything else.

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