Monday, March 31, 2008


One of my favorite desert island questions is about condiments. I think what a person adds to their food says a lot about them. Also, I'm a really big fan of toppings in general and I like to spend time thinking about them. For our purposes we will be defining condiment as anything that is added to food, post-cooking. It does not include what are commonly referred to as ingredients. So, for instance, you could use salt in a cake recipe without choosing it as one of your condiments, but not on top of french fries.

3 Condiments:
1. Jalapeño Harissa Hot Sauce by pain is good.
Why: a spicy, versatile hot sauce. Flavorful enough for eggs and chunky enough to stand in for a salsa.

negar by Eden
Why: mustards are some of my favorite condiments, I couldn't live on an island without at least one of them. I've tasted better mustards than this, but none as refreshing or versatile as this little diddy. It would always be my first choice for a turkey sandwich, and makes a great pork marinade too.

3. a good balsamic vinaigrette.
Why: it goes on everything.

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wb said...

I just read a nice exposé on the nature of condiments. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I implied that one could choose salt as an island condiment; as is pointed out here, quite correctly, salt is a spice in America. I'm pretty sure I've had minor arguments over that.