Monday, June 9, 2008

My Jams

1: Silent Steeples, by Dispatch.
(With the version of 'Questioned Apocalypse' from disc 2 of their 'Gut the Van' album substituted for the one on this album.)
Dispatch is probably my favorite band of all time. This album has been in regular rotation since it came out in 2000. I listened to this album through Australia and most of Europe. Every song reminds me of at least one person important in my life in one way or another. It has some quicker songs (Flying Horses, Questioned Apocalypse) some instrumental (Season; Movement 3, Walk With You) and some live (Elias, Other Side, Craze). Songs that are great to belt out with feeling.

2: As the Eternal Cowboy, by Against Me!
T.S.R. (This Shit Rules) is one of the greatest first songs in the history of time. So much so that I believe it is the ringtone that plays when I call Sugar Bear. I don't think I need to talk this one up as I'm sure anybody that has ever met Tommy has probably heard it all already. I would also be able to trade this album back and forth with Tommy for his Bright Eyes album which very likely would have been in my top three had in not made his.

3. Live and Direct: Acoustic Roots, by Slightly Stoopid
This is my go-to snowboarding music. It perfectly compliments being in nature. Slightly Stoopid usually plays harder electric guitar type music but for this album they unplugged the axes and sing quasi-rasta music. I find it very soothing; it would most definitely be the background music for hammock naps and sunset walks with my sexy time three. It also contains island appropriate lyrics such as:

But when the sun is shining
But when the weather is sweet
You've got to get up off the floor
And move your dancin' feet

The icing on the cake is their acoustic cover of Guns ‘N Roses 'I Used to Love Her'. As this photo indicates, I was pretty upset when this disc didn’t make the journey from Dubai to Rome unscathed. (Yes, that is my sad face.)

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tommy said...

I really think that forcing my friends to listen to Against Me! is the most beneficial thing I've yet to do for society. That, and not procreating yet.