Thursday, June 26, 2008

Main Event...

This took me quite a while. On one hand, I didn't want to qualify my choice. If I would have, my choice was going to be Game 7, World Series, Wrigley Field. Cubs win the World Series. Followed by me crying for about a week, in a drunken, elated stupor. But that's probably against the rules.

For someone who watches a lot of movies, and will actually be studying film for the next 2+ years, it may be odd that I refuse to watch the Oscars. I just don't care for them. They rarely nominate the best performances/films, and I couldn't care less about the fashion. Plus I absolutely hate Ryan Seacrest and Joan Rivers. There are also the MTV Movie/Video awards and the Grammys, but I haven't watched those in years, as they grew increasingly boring and became extended promotions for a new film starring Will Smith.

That said, my choice is the....

The World Cup
Anything that invites drunken hooliganism is my kind of party. I don't even watch soccer, and haven't played since grade school gym class. (Although Whitney, myself, his brother and a few others did watch the last final, and agreed to do a new shot for every goal. It ended 1-1, which was disappointing, but then we decided to extended the rule into penalty kicks. And that went to something like 9-8. It was a rough Sunday.)

Plus you'd meet so many people, and catch a glimpse of many cultures, without having endure shitty bus-rides or food you're not sure is actually dead. In addition, I could pick a team (not the US), and learn their cheers, and befriend their hooligans, and maybe get adopted. I'd be the token American. How often does that happen?!Maybe Paraguay will have me!


Papa Bear said...

Great choice! I would suggest choosing West Ham United over Paraguay though.

wb said...

How are you going to meet these people Schwenn? You're on an island and you're getting your event via NetFlix. Are these going to be virtual friends, or just make-believes?

Also, those penaulty shots were both awesome and horrible at the same time. Didn't they try to cut us off in the middle of them?

tommy said...

1. Papa B, West Ham United wouldn't be at the World Cup, since they're not a national team.

2. W, I hate to say it, but great point. why was this 'event' topic even brought up? I'm so confused right now. my head hurts, and I need to lay down.

3. we only have our selves to blame for the penalty shot-shots. I think only you, Evan, and myself survived to the end. and then I got into an argument with my girlfriend, which she won because I was so drunk and couldn't keep my points in line.
my favorite was: The Prairie Fire--tequila & tabasco sauce.