Wednesday, May 28, 2008


3 pieces of music. As specific as you want. A favorite song, album, box set, or even ringtone. It's up to you. But only 3.

1. My vinyl copy of Pinkerton, by Weezer
I hope we won't have to create an entry that will justify my record player making it to the island. (Please.) But not to sound like a snob, vinyl sounds better. It just does. If you're close enough, it sounds like you and the music are in the same room. Anyways, this to me, is hands down the greatest album of all time. (everything else is just jostling for spaces #2-100.) It really doesn't sound like anything modern pop/rock. It's an extreme look into the psyche of a sexually frustrated, mid-twenties Harvard student/pop genius. Songs about being tired of sex ("Tired of Sex"), being in love with a lesbian ("Pink Triangle"), wanting to break out of the monotony of getting older ("The Good Life"). It's really perfect. Plus it has "Across the Sea", which is a song to a Japanese girl that wrote Rivers a love letter and contains the chorus:

Why are you so far away from me?/I need help and you're way across the sea/I could never touch you - I think it would be wrong/I've got your letter/you've got my song.

Which would resonate with the whole being-stranded-on-the-island thing.

2. "Tupelo Honey", by Van Morrison
A really great romantic song for the ladies and me. It's long and has multiple tempos, so we wouldn't get sick of it for awhile. And when the line, "You can take all the tea in China, and throw it out into the deep blue sea" comes up, Natalie, Kristen, Rosario, and I would have a group hug/cuddle, and thank our lucky stars that even though we're alone, we do have each other.

3. I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning, by Bright Eyes
I can't see myself ever getting tired of this album. The songs are laid-back, perfect for the island experience. Plus, they're not too complicated, so if on a future post, I choose to bring a guitar, I may be able to actually play these songs, and thus continue to woo my ladies. In addition, there's a song titled "Land Locked Blues", which, you know, would be kind of ironic.

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DarcyM said...

Pinkerton is amazing. good choice.