Monday, May 12, 2008


As there hasn’t been any activity here since my momentous desert island clothes post, I figured I’d get things rolling again. Here is what I’m sure is my long-awaited sexytime three:

1. Nicole Scherzinger (a.k.a lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls) – This woman makes my brain turn off. I’m not alone. I recall on several occasions being on the dance floor in the basement of Madisons, where they show music vids on the screens, and having every guy in the place stop what he was doing to watch her when a Pussycat Dolls video would come on. Nicole looks like she may be a bit mean, but that for some reason makes her even more appealing. Perhaps we could have a lot of angry sex. With her sexiness, a body that defies the laws of physics, and extremely seductive dark looks, this girl could rock my desert island anytime. For a more in depth look at her ridiculosity, see videos: Buttons, Come to Me.

2. Elisha Cuthbert – Another girl with a huge X-factor, after seeing her in the Girl Next Door, Love Actually, Old School, and this Weezer music video, I would love to extend an offer for her to be on my island. Not only does she have an awesome bod, but Elisha has the most mesmerizing eyes, and I could stare into them as the sun goes down. I also bet that she is a lot nicer than Nicole, so that would make for a nice balance. I could have happy sex with Elisha.

3. Salma Hayek (circa 10 years ago) – Definite high school crush here. She’s a bit out of the age range right now for reckless rollicking on a desert island, but 10 years ago, damn! Salma could lull me to sleep in my mother-tongue. With curves absolutely everywhere in an amazing way, the latin fire, and a hidden intellect and artistic zeal (as evidenced by her pet project Frida), we could have amazing conversations, and then passionate sex.

Honorable mentions:

1. The Portman – Natalie is definite girlfriend material, and I wouldn’t want any drama or jealousy from my polyamourousness on the desert island to get in the way of what may be a great relationship when I untie the yacht that Jay-Z lent me to take the trip back to civilization.

2. Shakira – Man this girl can dance, and is sexy as hell. But, when she says “suerte que mis pechos sean pequeños, asi que no los confundas con montañas” in Suerte, yeah, that’s an issue. I also liked her more with dark hair back when she was only big in the Latin American market… Not to mention that Nicole and her may get into a fight to the death as there could be only 1 diva on the island (and I think Shakira would win).

3. Zhang Ziyi – Although she could double as my body guard, has a lot of spirit and is absolutely beautiful, Tommy called her already, and I don’t share well.

4. Catherine Zeta-Jones - (circa 15 years ago) – Hot, and awesome look, but every time I’d look at her, I’d think about Michael Douglas.


tommy said...

Actually, Kristen Bell has taken Zhang's place on my island. I'll update it soon.

Alex said...

Who is Kristen Bell?

Papa Bear said...

Elisha Cuthbert and Catherine Zeta-Jones were both top candidates on my island as well. Can we have another island (that we can easily venture to) where all the honorable mentions live?

Alex said...

Hah. The weekend getaway island.

We can take Jay-Z's party yacht.

wb said...

Wow, you are all about that yacht Alex.