Monday, March 31, 2008

The Concept...

There's a lot of Desert Island talk being thrown around in this day and age. What books would you bring? What movies could you not live without? Who would you bring to have sex with, and what would you bring to put on your sandwiches? These, truly, are the important issues of our time. The Desert Island Blog will collect, organize, and record for all posterity each item we chose to accompany us on this, our final and most important trip of a lifetime. As our cache of bulleted lists grows, our islands shall evolve from mundane one dimensional isles of exile with a few CDs scattered on the beach, to become exciting multi-faceted societies of our own concoction. Oh, the glorious social insights we shall have!

A few things to keep in mind (a.k.a. The first thing we brought to the island was bureaucracy):

1. Thy posts shall always be taggeth with thy name (or preferred mark) and the category of things of which thou post doth concern. This should make it easy to search both by Island Owner and category.
2. While comments are of course encouraged, any contribution to your island should be made via an independent post. See note #1 in regard to thy posts.
3. If you are reading this you've probably already been invited to be a contributor*. If you have not been, and would like to start creating your Island, e-mail an administrator.

*If I forgot you I'm sorry. It (probably) wasn't intentional.


Anonymous said...

A way to not rudely let others on the island that we'd prefer to be alone for now. Not quite a closed door, (are doors on the island?), perhaps a hanging coconut emptied of pina colada signifying emptyness.

wb said...

Am I supposed to understand what you're talking about?