Friday, August 8, 2008

Host with the Most

CHALLENGE: Which television/radio personality are you bringing to commentate your desert island reality? This person will serve as both a companion and a mediator between you and your world-wide audience.

My pick: Cat Deeley

We share a common passion for dance (we would awkwardly do it while talking about our favorite contestants/routines on So You Think You Can Dance), she is an English disc jockey so she'd be amazing at Musical Catchphrase, and her kind nature and warm sense of humor would be exceptionally welcome on my island. I really want to french braid her great hair, too.


wb said...

Katie, I just realized you haven't been tagging your posts. I'm very disappointed in you.

schmatie said...

i dont' know how. can you do it for me?

wb said...

You do to know how.