Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This is difficult...what music am I never going to get tired of? Can I cheat and not choose Chris Isaak because he's already on my island?

Choice #1: Ryan Adams, Gold. I could listen to this album forever. It's just great ambiance music. I think Ryan Adams is an asshole, but he does make damn fine music.

Choice #2: Brian Setzer Orchestra, The Dirty Boogie. I need something upbeat and fun.

Choice #3: Most difficult choice - do I go with dance/pop music or rock? These days I feel like I tend to put on dance/pop music more often in the car to get me going and pep me up...but deep down my heart strings are tied to 80s hair band fake metal rock n' roll. So I choose Bon Jovi, Cross Roads.

Yes, I cheated. Chris is on my island and I will utilize his talent for more music...better yet, live music. Plus, NO WAY I could possibly choose just ONE Chris Isaak album to bring with.

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