Thursday, July 3, 2008

sexy time - or, how I never fucked anyone besides these three men for the rest of my life

***addendum below***

WB and I have discussed the criteria for this topic in great detail. I started out on the same train of thought as Darcy:
what other tasks can these men bring to my island? Who cares about the sex?
But, then, I was converted to the camp of:
This is important, these are the last three men I am ever going to sleep with.
I also think there is a minimum expectation of sleeping with these men once per month. If they provide additional services, cool, but the primary expectation is sex.

1) Anthony Bourdain - a world class chef who has a show on the Travel Channel, No Reservations. Every time it comes on I get squishy inside.
Here is a video of him slamming TV chefs:

you can tell from his sarcasm and biting wit why we would get along. He would also be in charge of cooking on the island.

2) Bear Grylls - the host of Man vs Wild. Was involved in some controversy regarding whether he stayed in a Motel 6 during filming for one of the shows. The truth, whatever it is, doesn't take away from his sexyness or the fact that he was the youngest person to ever reach the summit of Everest.
Bear will be in charge of boar defense and hunting on the island.

I fear that Bear will be a bit too intense for me all the time. I like intensity, just an equal amount of downtime. So, my number 3 is going to be someone a bit more laid back. I don't know who he is yet though. I need to think on it.
Addendum- I finally picked number 3!!!
here is what was going through my head while choosing - I like a sexy voice... I like good kissers... I am not against a good dancer... I want someone who will have some chill time with me... I don't like anyone that is too pretty...

Then I was watching SNL the other night and there he was - my third guy is Usher...

honorable mentions:
1) Rick - but everyone agreed that people we know in real life aren't allowed.
2) LT of the Chargers - hard worker, nice guy, what a cutie - didn't make it because I don't want one of those ex-football cripples on my island, that sport is tough on their bodies
3) Matt Lauer - mmmm. cute, intelligent and a good dad.

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loud said...

Yeah, you need someone to balance you out. We have completely opposite taste in men - this will be nice when we merge competition. It also makes it great to pick up men with you in bars.