Wednesday, June 11, 2008


1. The Dears: Gang of Losers
The Dears are from Montreal and this album is fantastic. Their lead singer, Murray Lightburn, has an amazing voice. He is married to one of the band members, who has white hair. That makes her a little punk in my eyes, which is awesome. I have yet to see them in concert, but they are on my list. My favorites are track 2: Ticket to Immortality and track 10: Ballad of Human Kindness

2. Sufjan Stevens: Come on Feel the Illinoise!!

I recently learned that his name is pronounced even more strangely than I could have imagined. He has quite ambitious project, which is making albums for every state. At this point he only has two, but both are quite good. His brother, Marzuki, is a pretty good marathon runner. I love the instrumentals in this album and his song about John Wayne Gacy. I could listen to it at any time. It is good for the island.

3. Kings of Convenience: Riot on an Empty Street

They are from Norway. They are chill. Their albums are chill. I have them all. My favorite song on this album is: Love is No Big Truth. It is great to drive or study to, but I think it would also be good music to make coconut bras to.

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