Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Main Event

On your island, you get to know the outcome(s) and see coverage of one event (they'll mail you the DVD via Netflix). You can have all the pre-event coverage, event coverage, and post-event coverage. This does not mean that you get to watch the entire Football season if you choose the Superbowl - but it does mean that you get all the pregame coverage and analysis and post game celebration.

Feel free to choose an event that's not annual - up to you.

I choose the Oscars, including the red carpet. I considered the Golden Globes so I could know what's funny on TV, but the show itself is not nearly as entertaining. The Oscars are - plus, all the up-and-comings are there presenting awards. Mostly, I just love the gowns and the snotty comments from those who could never pull them off.

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