Thursday, July 10, 2008


Narrow it down to three? I once tried during a blizzard-y 2.5 hour ride from Madison to a Joanne Fabrics in the greater Milwaukee area and couldn't do it; but I'll try for the sake of my first Desert Island Post.

1. Departed DiCaprio: I love all DiCaprios (even the one in the one in the Iron Mask) but there is no one (and I repeat) no one I'd rather share a hammock with that this very specific Leonardo. Already scruffy, no family -- he'd have only me to share his demons with. We could comfort one another in our time of need (and our time of sexy).

2. Christian Bale: Sweet baby batman I love this guy. He could make friends with all the actual bats on the island (you know, the millions that will swoop out of the very cave you want to get down and dirty in) and train them to find all the leftover Dharma Initiative candy bars, bookshelves, and VW Buses.

3. Taylor Kitsch: So predictable, I know. A Tim Riggins addiction does not just disappear overnight. After watching a few episodes of Intervention this evening, I realized I'm a prime candidate to find friends and family pleading with me to seek help or they'll cut me out of their lives. I can't help it. He wouldn't need to worry about washing his hair, he'd probably bring booze, and we can play catch on the beach. He's definitely not going to college in season 3 of FNL so it's not like I'd be interrupting any of his other plans.

I guess I picked three characters instead of three actual men -- sorry. As far as real humans are concerned, here are two skilled humans ready for sexy time:

1. Michael Phelps - best swimmer EVER.
2. Ozzy Lusth - best Survivor EVER.

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